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About me : Soraya - November 14th, 1997
Music: Justin Bieber - Jasmine Villegas - Beyoncé - Selena Gomez - Demi Lovato - Miley Cyrus - RiRi

Tv-Series: The Vampire Diaries - Pretty Little Liars - Gossip girl - Grey's Anatomy - Orange's the new black - Awkward - Faking it - Orphan Black

Actors: Queen Latifah - Michael Ealy - Selena Gomez - Ian Somerhalder - Kate Hudson- Kat Graham- Ashley Benson - Vanessa Hudgens - Nina Dobrev

Important: I have a tattoo in my neck and one behind my ear, there's more to come! And I have 7 piercings <3
Social media: Twitter: - Facebook: just ask. - Tumblr:


The main reason why I love Justin Bieber so much:

. His music is perfect - He's humble - He treats his fans like they're queens - He loves helping people - It's his smile what makes me smile - His love for making people smile - It's the way he's so down to earth - The way that he's so humble - The way gives back - The moments he has with his family, who make him happy.

But above all: He's a good person from the inside, his heart is so pure.

If you left him here:

You don't deserve him here:


If you look deeper than the Famous 19-year-old Guy who sold out MSG in 22 min, had 2 world tours and millions of fans worldwide, you'll see how humble, funny and normal he actually is.
He loves sports : basketball and soccer like the most guys of his age.
He loves making music and playing his instruments (piano, trumpet, drums etc)
I love his music because it brings so much emotions out of me, it's undescribable.
From the moment I heared him till now i still love him and his music.
He is so sweet, so caring and so down to earth. There are not many artists like him anyway.
The most perfect about him is how he treats his Beliebers. He'll do anything for them and ofcourse they support him till the end!
It seems that people are only interested in the bad or reckless things he's been through, like actually that's F*cking unfair!
You don't have to like or love him but atleast you could respect him.
They unfortunally don't see the good things he has done. He visits sick childeren and gives sooo much money to charity.
He even gave 500.000 dollars to Whitney Houston's elemantary. I respect him for that, for everything.
Luckily I've been on this journey.
I've been here since 2008 and i'm staying here till the very end no matter what...


My Concerts:)

~ Justin Bieber: 03-27-2011
~ Trey Songz: 01-24-2013
~ Beyonce: 12-17-2013
~ Miley Cyrus: 05-02-2014

By grace through faith...

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