At Your Service

All my life I felt like a misfit. Like I didn’t belong. I tried to find a place I could call home, where someone would look at me and for once take me as I was.
There is evil inside of me. I have always felt its presence, lurking from the depths of my soul like a shadow following behind its wearer.
I tried to fight it, I ignored that part of me and denied it for as long as I could. Like with famine I thought I could starve it just long enough until I could forget it was ever there.
I eventually found my home and my saviour in darkness.
I found hope in a shadow so black that even the darkest night seemed a bright contrast to it.
I was alone so long, I forgot what it meant to mean something to someone. I had been out in the cold so long, I forgot what it felt like to feel another person’s warmth.
I made many mistakes in my life and as darkness took a hold of me I was ready to make so many more, until one day someone proved to me there was still another way.
Until that day all I had ever known was how to bow and try to survive the day.
“At your service!” Used to be the only sentence that would keep the monster at bay.


* LynnBlack
* Written in English
* Takes place long before the events in The Hobbit
* Participates in FOTY 2024
* Theme: Forbidden Love


Titel Nieuwste eerst Woorden Gelezen Aangepast
Map Of Middle Earth 291 19 1 week geleden
1. Fia 1682 21 1 maand geleden
2. The road goes on and on 1068 20 1 maand geleden
3. Edoras 2271 17 1 maand geleden
4. Gondor 2858 16 1 maand geleden
5. Wizards 1845 20 4 weken geleden
6. Out of the frying pan and into the fire 1821 15 3 weken geleden
7. Metanoia 2251 13 3 weken geleden
8. Make Haste! 1093 9 3 weken geleden
9. To Isengard 1689 8 2 weken geleden
10. The pen is sharper than the sword 1464 14 2 weken geleden
11. Revenge will be mine 1039 9 2 weken geleden
12. Lake Town 2129 5 2 weken geleden
13. Erebor 2823 5 1 week geleden
14. Wax & Seal 1561 7 1 week geleden
15. The Mines 2152 4 1 week geleden
16. Troublemakers 3008 7 6 dagen geleden
17. The heart of the mountain 1531 6 4 dagen geleden
18. The princess and the cat 1792 2 4 uur geleden

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