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Wielding magic and being able to wear runes, Uno is one of a kind. Although he is part of a set of twins, his younger sister is unable to wield magic.
An unsettling incident sends him chasing into the past to stop what should be a mere memory, from changing the future they know.
Hunting down his beloved sister through old New York City, he runs into a group of familiar heroes.
What will he do when every step sends them further into chaos?
What happens when secrets unravel and decisions have to be made, no matter the consequences?
Foe and ally become hard to distinguish as Uno tries to navigate the thin sliver between past and present.
Hearts get shattered, bonds get broken and new unexpected ones occur.
As past and present blur together, will he be able to tell the difference?
Or will he fall victim to the shadows of his mind?
When his life and the lives of those he loves and hates hang in the balance, will Uno save the day?
And at what cost?
🗲FOTY 2024 🗲Shadowhunters 🗲English 🗲Playlist


Titel Nieuwste eerst Woorden Gelezen Aangepast
Deze story bevat nog geen hoofdstukken

Reageer (2)

  • Laleah

    Love deze opmaak, Jo!!

    2 maanden geleden
  • Ringwraith

    HA, eerste abo.

    Ik moet wel bekennen dat ik nog niet klaar ben met Shadowhunters kijken, maar dat boeit vast niet superveel? ;p

    2 maanden geleden

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