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Alright. If you want warnings, you're at the wrong address. I'm going to give you a summary, and everything else you'll have to figure out for yourselves. :')
As the previous Avatar in this world was evil, the return of the Avatar has left the world believing they are all in grave danger, and as a result all prominent secret organisations are keeping an eye out for the new Avatar. Little do they know that the new Avatar is actually a kind-hearted soul, who wants nothing but to help her fellow citizens of planet Earth. After an unplanned detour, the Avatar arrives in the suburbs of Rapid City, only to find out there is trouble brewing there, and it's not something the regular police can solve.
Joined by time travellers, hunters, and their angels, the Avatar has to face the fact that in order to save innocent people she will have to give away her most prized secret...

If you want more background information about the two female characters I've put in there, please read my Sherlock and Supernatural stories: "The Avatar Murders" ( & "Family Business" (

Happy Holidays!

Takes place after episodes:
10x18 Supernatural
9x13 Doctor Who
3x02 Sherlock
1x13 Torchwood


Titel Nieuwste eerst Woorden Gelezen Aangepast
01 - The Real Deal 3125 119 8 jaar geleden
02 - This Might Be Our Thing 1663 140 8 jaar geleden
03 - Always on the Run 2557 132 8 jaar geleden
04 - Research 2397 126 8 jaar geleden
05 - A Prayer for the Dying 2905 176 8 jaar geleden
06 - Hell of a Problem 2951 164 8 jaar geleden
07 - Let's Go Fly A Kite 3467 139 8 jaar geleden
08 - Running to Stand Still 3092 142 8 jaar geleden
09 - The Spirit World 4387 149 8 jaar geleden
10 - Please Don't Shoot 2562 145 8 jaar geleden
11 - The Last Night 3477 131 8 jaar geleden
12 - Moving On 2709 181 8 jaar geleden

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