Disguised Desires

Victoria , scion of the Ollivander family, carries her lineage with unwavering pride. Excelling in academics, dominating the Quidditch field , and gracefully fulfilling her duties as head girl under the watchful eyes of her parents. Yet, as her final year approaches, she finds herself torn between her family's expectations and her own aspirations. Unwilling to succumb to the responsibilities of her pureblood legacy, she refuses to take over her grandfather’s prestigious wand shop, nor is she aiming for a high post at the ministry. Determined to forge her own destiny, Victoria’s heart yearns for another path : becoming a curse breaker. Victoria unexpectedly finds support from the new professor who offers to guide her on the journey towards her heart’s desire, even though it might yet be another curse in disguise..

Participates in FOTY 2024
Theme : Forbidden Love
Language : English


Titel Nieuwste eerst Woorden Gelezen Aangepast
Chapter 1 1613 24 3 maanden geleden
Chapter 2 1357 17 3 maanden geleden
Chapter 3 1259 16 3 maanden geleden
Chapter 4 1049 16 2 maanden geleden
Chapter 5 1355 14 2 maanden geleden
Chapter 6 1222 11 2 maanden geleden
Chapter 7 1817 12 1 maand geleden
Chapter 8 1070 6 1 maand geleden

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