" She shows me what she would like to do in lucid daydreams;
she lets me hear the cracking of bones and the wet squishing of flesh being torn. "

I'd rather write disturbing and overly personal poetry than not write poetry at all. Here is some of the writing I've done while struggling with C-PTSD and other ills. It's stretched out over several years of writing for I still like some of the things I wrote as a teenager. (Oldest poems will be put in first)

WARNING: Most of these poems use violent metaphors, and many of them discuss topics such as sexual abuse, suicide, self harm, and psychosis. Read with caution.


Titel Nieuwste eerst Woorden Gelezen Aangepast
Pulse 129 5 1 maand geleden
Meadow 98 4 1 maand geleden
Porcelain 69 4 1 maand geleden
Closet 77 4 1 maand geleden
Flower field 154 6 1 maand geleden
Song of Eve 476 3 1 maand geleden
Rage is its own form of pleasure 1530 4 1 maand geleden
Cassandra 218 4 1 maand geleden
Eyeball 378 3 1 maand geleden
Rape 401 4 1 maand geleden

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